Founded May, 1998

10 May 2011
Site is back up, and I’m back at it for changes after a long break.



House Dragon Or is a household dedicated to service and serving as a mutual support structure for our far-flung membership.
The diverse members of our household possess a variety of talents and skills, and are always willing and eager to share them with anyone expressing a desire to learn.


The foundation of our household is service to the SCA, said service taking as many forms as there are members of our household.  We collectively autocrat, feastcrat, hold offices, armour, costume, do heraldic research
and produce tons of heraldic display, embroidery, calligraphy, mead-making, equestrian activities, fighting and marshaling, singing, chirurgeoning – you name it – somebody does it,
and all the while we manage to cram a whole lot of fun into everything we do!

We keep in touch via e-mail, meeting at events all over the known world, and taking household trips together, both here and abroad.

As a household we attend Gulf War yearly and Pennsic on even numbered Gregorian years. Additionally we host get-togethers and parties throughout the year.
Our parties are generally associated with work days in which we produce things, be it heraldic display for the benefit of the household or as items for gifts to others. We are very fortunate that we can combine work and pleasure and make things happen!

Welcome to Our World!  Come and visit often.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Use the provided links to get in touch with us and our members.


~ Rhiannon of the Isle

Don’t hesitate to contact us here customer service to know more about us.