Countess Rhiannon of the Isle – Founder and Matriarch of House DragonOr.
She is a late 12th – early 13th Century Welshwoman.

Sir Alexander Brighthelmston – A mercenary soldier living in England in the 14th century.

Lord Cristofre Fortescu of Castel Risinge – 11th Century Norman

Lady Elfwyn called Valnac – A merchant woman searching for her lost identity.

Lady Morwen ferch Rhydian Metcaud – 6th Century Romano-British

Gunther Wagonmeister – A 15th century German meister hauler.

The Honorable Lord Ilya the Wanderer – He is 16th century Cossack who has traveled the world.

Johannes the Black of the Athanor – A Memorial page written in loving memory by Rhiannon.

Baron Jon Tristram – A 12th century anglo-Norman residing in the Kingdom of Calontir and a protege to Countess Rhiannon.

The Honorable Lord Morgan of Osprey – Kingdom Chirurgeon Meridies.
An English Privateer Captain from Dover during the early 16th century.

Lord Nuzzio Gennaro (called Nunzio) – A Sicilian-Viking who travels the known world in search of drink and song.

ReginLeif Hildebrand – a late 12th century – early 13th century German woman.  Currently roaming the wilds of Southern Bavaria.

Lord Thorgrim Hildulfsson – A renowned trader raised by Mongols in the 10th Century.

Baroness Rhiannon Siobhan Shynane – more information forthcoming

Lord Aidan Cambel – House Dragon Or Webminister
An early 14th century scotttish man in service to England in wars against the French.
If there is one thing worse than being ruled by the English, it would be being ruled by the French!

Lady Alesia of Harlech –

Lady Gwenhwyvar merch Rhufain dun Bretan – is a 6th century Celt that resides in the Kingdom of Strathclyde

Lord Blaec le Dering – Viscountess Rainillt le Dering – Lady Aisling le Dering –

Happily Ever After – the marriage of Lord Blaec and Viscountess Rainillt –